Who we are

Our History

Since 2017 we have been part of the Nite Technology OÜ working group, for the study of the potential applications of a group of molecules of vegetable origin derived from grape seeds and olive stones, extremely interesting for their natural, antioxidant peculiarities. but above all antibacterial and antiviral.

The same year we began to develop an industrial procedure to obtain properly functionalized nanomolecules that could enhance these peculiarities and in 2018 we developed a patent for the industrial production of nano-molecules called NCN “Nite Carbon Nanoclusters”.

Right from the start, the NCNs attracted the interest of pharmaceutical companies for gynecological and dermo-cosmetic applications and soon with new and unique high-tech products we will be present in the health care market.


A long series of tests, conducted with Italian and European universities, have confirmed a total antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal efficacy of NCN materials, compared to traditional antibacterialì materials and with a reduction in the quantity traditionally used, greater than 90%.


We have directed our research to further develop the NCN material, to make it useful for the antibacterial and antiviral coating of materials, composed of natural or synthetic fibers, used in hospitals: bed sheets, linen, gowns, work uniforms, medical devices, absorbents.


The NCN material coating forms a nanometric protective coating that makes it impossible for bacteria and viruses to attack, damaging their cell membrane, killing them with a nanometric cellular “trapping” and “erosion” mechanism.